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A Creative Kind of Killer Jack Early

A Creative Kind of Killer

Jack Early

Published March 28th 1992
ISBN : 9780708926024
400 pages
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 About the Book 

got A CREATIVE KIND OF KILLER in ebook form that was free.The plot of the book was very interesting, its about a girl that was killed ,and Fortune Fanelli a former detective,and the main character had to figure out who had killed this girl,and why?For me there were entirely to many typos, and a few spelling errors in the story line.Like the number 1 in place of the the letter I.Also another thing Fortune who was a little bit unsure of him self at times( would use the word maybe) as though what he was thinking or saying wasnt factual. Also what got me was Fortune was being(to me) a little bit to descriptive about certain things.For example: the person who he meet or came into contact with, he would describe what they were wearing in which it took(I think) away from the main purpose of ther story.As I was read on in the book Fortune would every now ,and then reminisce on certain things,or place,and people as if we(the reader) would know who, what,and where he was talking about. It was an OK read.