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Wild Horses Ruth Jean Dale

Wild Horses

Ruth Jean Dale

Published April 1994
ISBN : 9780373155590
Mass Market Paperback
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 About the Book 

The Monarch Ranch and the Crazy Ace, near Addison, Wyoming.Jim Trent - Addison Countys favorite son. A rodeo superstar, hes the new owner of the Crazy Ace Ranch. Hes a classic man of the West - easygoing on the outside, all steel beneath. And while handsome doesnt begin to describe Trent, its a place to start!Suzannah Glenn - the only daughter of Addisons richest rancher - can hold her own with any man - even Trent! That one incident of trespassing (and skinny-dipping) aside, shes a levelheaded schoolteacher. But shes got a romantic streak, especially when it comes to wild horses and wilder cowboys! Trents back and so is the wild white stallion last seen in these parts ten years ago. Which means trouble.Strange how these two rogue males have always been irrevocably linked in Suzannahs mind...and heart!